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Moving into a care home is a new experience for most of our residents and their families, and while it is an exciting new chapter of residents’ lives, it can also be an emotional time. To help you out when making your decision, we have collated a few questions that we believe can help you to start your new journey.

What type of care will be appropriate on a long-term basis?

The answer to this question will depend on a number of factors according to individual requirements and circumstances. Options include care at home, a care home, sheltered accommodation or a care home with nursing. It is important to take independent advice before making any long-term decisions.

How do I know what to look for when choosing care?

Choosing care is a very personal decision and there will be issues specific to each individual situation when making decisions regarding care. It is important to make a short list of factors that are important to you or your relative. However, there are a number of issues that you should particularly take into consideration. For example:


  • Is the home/care agency registered to provide appropriate care?
  • Does the home/care agency have a good reputation locally?
  • Are the care provider’s terms and conditions clear?
  • Do you understand the fee structure?
  • Is there a clear complaints procedure?
  • Are copies of inspection reports available to you?
  • Are care plans in place and are these regularly reviewed?
What is a Care Adviser?

A Care Adviser is an understanding professional who will listen to your needs, assess your individual care requirements and give the best possible advice on suitable care options. It is important to speak to a care adviser who is truly independent and does not accept commissions from care providers.

​An Independent Care Adviser will provide unbiased information and advice according to individual needs. The Association of Independent Care Advisers (AICA, tel 01483 203 066) maintains a register of members, all of whom adhere to the AICA Code of Practice, and will advise you of your nearest Independent Care Adviser.

How much is care going to cost?

Costs will vary greatly according to the type and level of care required, and the geographical location. Fees in a care home with nursing, for example, can vary from £450 per week to over £1,000 per week. It is advisable to speak to an Independent Care Adviser to address your individual needs.

Where can I get financial advice?

A number of Independent Financial Advisers specialise in advising on long-term care. Before taking advice, it is recommended that you establish your IFA does have this specialist knowledge. The Association of Independent Care Advisers (AICA, tel 01483 203 066) maintains a register of specialist long-term care IFAs.

Is my relative entitled to financial assistance?

Depending on their circumstances, financial assistance is available to older people. For information on benefits, the Benefits Enquiry Line is a useful source of information – 0800 882200. For further advice, it is recommended that you contact an Independent Care Adviser.

Can I insist my relative leave his or her own home and move into a care home?

People who may require care have the same rights as every other adult throughout the UK and, as long as they are mentally capable of making and communicating their own decisions, no-one can insist that they leave their own home. If you are concerned about an older relative’s (or friend’s) ability to care for themselves in their own home, you should discuss this with their GP.

Do I need a Solicitor to arrange an Lasting Power of Attorney

No, but it is advisable to take legal advice. For further information about Lasting Power of Attorney contact the Public Guardianship office, your local Citizens Advice Bureau or a Solicitor.

Who do I turn to if I am not happy with care received?

Every care provider should have a clear complaints procedure and it is advisable to initially try to sort out any issues or concerns with the Manager. However, if you remain dissatisfied then depending on where you live, you could speak with:

The Care Quality Commission, telephone 03000 616161.

Do I need to have sold my property before I move in?

No, you do not need to have sold your property before you move in. Your local council may be able to assist with your payments until the property is sold. If you require assistance, please contact our home managers, who will be able to assist you.

These are just some of the questions that we get asked by potential residents and their family members. If your question isn’t here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.


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